Star Ratings

For convenience I use a 5-star system and I only give out full stars (when GoodReads gets it act together and gives us half stars, I will start using them). This is to make my GoodReads profile match my reviews and also to give a more accurate representation of my like for books in my yearly breakdown. I also increase star ratings for Amazon as they are very harsh on what they consider to be a good rating.

0 stars= I DNF’d this book. I will review it, but not rate it. As such there will be no review on Amazon.

1 star= I was forced to finish this book or I would have DNF’d it OR I liked the majority of this book enough not to stop reading it, but near the end or after reading it I realised I had some major issues with it. In the first case an Amazon review remains 1 star, in the second case it becomes 1 or 2 stars depending on the severity of the issues (if it was a lack-of-enjoyment issue it will be 2 stars, if it was a social issue e.g. racism it will remain 1 star). This is a negative rating.

2 stars= I liked this book! I had a few larger issues which prevented me loving it, but these are issues that are either not too important to me (e.g. pacing etc.), but effect the entire work or wouldn’t bother other people (for example, if I dislike a certain character, but feel like others might like them). If I don’t really like the main characters in your book, this is where it tends to end up. This is a positive rating. On Amazon these books get 3 stars.

3 stars= I really liked this book! There were a couple of smaller issues that made me like the book a little bit less or I felt like the book had much more potential, but generally a really good read. These books get 4 stars on Amazon. This is a positive rating.

4 stars= Maybe not flawless, but I loved this book. I probably only had one minor issue with this book. Books that get 5 stars immediately after being read often end up being made into 4 stars after awhile. These books get 5 stars on Amazon.

5 stars= This is one of my new obsessions and I will be recommending it to everyone I come across in the street.