Review Policy

**updated as of July 2017**

If you would like me to review a book, please send me an email at:

This is a VERY detailed review policy as I am the kind of person who wants to be really sure that someone will like my work before I send it to them, but if you don’t want to slog through 1k+ words of explanation, there is a summary to be found at the end!

Formats and Methods

I am currently accepting e-copies of books only. My preference is .mobi format, but both .pdf and .epub are okay as well.

I will also review audiobooks. I prefer to do this by receiving an audible code, but if you send me a file that will also work. I am less familiar with ways to listen to audiobooks, so if you would like to do this in another way not listed here, please feel free to contact me and explain your preference and I will look into if it would be possible for me.

I will review graphic novels and comics as well, but I prefer to receive these as PDFs if at all possible.

You can also gift a book to me on amazon.

I will review books by any author (e.g. self-published, small publisher, major publisher etc.). I accept both ARCs and copies of books which have already been published (recently or ages ago, both are fine).

I will review books in both English and German.

Genres and Age Groups I Read


I will read books for most target audiences.

I have included some descriptions in the following list as I do split some of the typical age brackets up. The following are the target audiences I accept and my descriptions of them:

  • Picture books (picture books aimed at children over the age of 3- I will mostly accept these if the artwork is really good, e.g. The Tear Thief by Carol Ann Duffy.)
  • Middle Grade (books aimed at children aged 9-12 years old, e.g. Harry Potter.)
  • Young YA (books aimed at children aged 12-14 years old, e.g. Rubinrot “Ruby Red” by Kiersten Gier. These books are YA books, but have no sexual scenes, fewer innuendos, less violence and tend to deal with less difficult issues. Think movies with a 12 rating.)
  • Older YA (books aimed at teenagers aged 14-17 years old, e.g. Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo. These books can contain non-explicit sex scenes, sexual innuendos, violence and tend to deal with more serious issues at times. Akin to a movie with a 15 rating. Characters found in these books tend to be 17-20. Often times in series, the first few books may be Older YA and latter books might by new adult, e.g. the Throne of Glass series.)
  • New Adult (books with characters aged 18-25 or so tend to come under this section or books with characters slightly older than that who are just finding their place in the world, e.g. the Kate Daniels series or The Butterfly Project by Emma Scott)
  • Adult (e.g. The Essex Serpent by Sarah Perry).

PLEASE NOTE: I do not accept erotica fiction.

I read a large variety of genres, but not all.

Here is a breakdown of the ones I will accept in my order of love for them.

  • Fantasy 
  • Contemporary
  • Fantastical Science Fiction (sci-fi which either contains elements of fantasy or reads like fantasy)
  • Sci-Fi
  • Historical Fiction
  • Non-Fiction (on a case-by-case basis)

PLEASE NOTE: I like romance books too, but I would put them under the other genres. E.g. a romance set in a fantastical world would go under fantasy.

The only genres I absolutely do not accept are the following:

  • Comedy
  • Horror
  • Erotica
  • Mystery/Thriller

Random Specifics of What I Like/Dislike

  • I love books set in the 1800s (this also includes books set in the future or alternate worlds with a society similar to that of the Victorians).
  • Characters really make or break a story for me and the setting comes second. Plot comes after that most of the time.
  • I really like lush prose (e.g. The Night Circus) but I also enjoy when books are really fast-paced and exciting.
  • I really enjoy romance in books (like a lot) but I don’t require it to enjoy a book at all. If I don’t like the romance, I tend to dislike the book more
  • I am not a massive fan of dystopian worlds, but I like sci-fi set in space or many years in the future. I do still read dystopian books, however, I’m just quite picky.
  • I dislike books set in high schools, although I don’t mind books about characters that age (basically: I don’t like school drama).
  • I dislike books which include cheating and I don’t like angsty, dramatic romances. I like romances with a realistic amount of conflict and development.

If you are still not sure whether I would like your book, I recommend checking out my GoodReads profile to see what I have thought of other books or what other books are on my TBR.

Reviews and Spotlights/Promos

I reserve the right to reject reviewing books for whatever reason, but this will mostly only happen if I do not think I will be the best person to review your book.

In some cases if I am intrigued by your book but feel it might be triggering for me or otherwise feel unable to review it, I will offer to do a promotional post (such as an interview). One example of when I did this was with Rarity from the Hollow by Robert Eggleton. You can find that post here if you would like an example of what that might look like.

I may also include your book in a spotlight post in addition to doing a review if you a) ask me to or b) I have one planned already.

I will always review books on GoodReads and my blog. Unless I DNF your book I will also review your book on Amazon UK or Amazon DE depending on the language. Reviews on other amazons are available upon request.

Time Frame

I will require an absolute minimum of a month to review your book or two months if it is German. However, unless you have a specific deadline such as you would like a review before release date or you are looking for a quote to put in the front matter of your book, I am more likely to give myself a two-month timeframe.

I reserve the right to choose which ever time frame will work best for me, but you can always rescind your offer if I will not be able to accommodate your needs. Please note that just because I say October, for example, as a timeframe, it doesn’t mean that a review will not be posted before then. If you would like a review to be posted on a specific date, that can also be arranged.

CURRENT REVIEW STATUS (JULY 2017): I can currently review one or two books that have an urgent need to be reviewed before the middle of September, but unless you have one of the special circumstances mentioned above or something similar, the earliest I will be able to guarantee a review for your book is October.


If you would like me to review your book, please include in your email:

  • a link to the GoodReads profile of this book (if there is not one yet, please include a blurb and cover)
  • the genre (as categorised above, but please also note whether it is a romance book fitting within a larger category, e.g. Contemporary- Romance)
  • the target audience (as categorised above in the “Am I likely to review your book?” section, e.g. Older YA)
  • any information about required timings
  • the format of the book
  • how you would like to send me a copy
  • any information about extra things you would like (e.g. a quote for front matter, linking to a giveaway etc.) and personalised requests
  • any relevant trigger warnings
  • why you think I would like the book

If you contact me for a review, you should expect to hear back from me within a week, but I try to check my emails daily.

Thank you, Keira.


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