About Me


Hello I’m Keira Charters, but I go by Keira Rogan on most of my social media that has to do with this site. Rogan was my dogs name, but he died earlier this year (2016- I know I’ll forget to update this, so I should probably say summer of 2016, but anyway). I speak English, German and a bit of French (a very little bit: it takes me ages to formulate sentences that make any sort of sense). I love pale blue and lilac; they are my favourite colours, with the exception of pale pink which I love even more. And yes, I’m British if you couldn’t tell from the word prior to this sentence. I lived in Germany and Switzerland for 7 and 2 years respectively though.  I love fantasy, books and writing. I also really love tea and blankets. And sleep. And dancing. Did I mention sleep? Also, I really, really, really love water. Weird, I guess. But oh well 🙂 Also, I’m living for cool, breezy summers.

Bye for now,

Keira x.


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