How soon is too soon for CHRISTMAS??!!!


Okay, so like, its July and this is a Christmas post. I know, I know. BUT in my defence my birthday is actually within the same week as Christmas so I don’t get much excitement about being selfish for the rest of the year. Apart from that, I must have all of my wish-lists done by the end/middle of October as my family always asks what I want by the beginning of November (that’s also when I’m kicked off of my dad’s amazon account). That and the fact that I already have a birthday present planned for my friend’s birthday in FEBRUARY makes me feel a little less guilty about already putting together my wish-list.

CAN I JUST SAY THAT REDBUBBLE IS A DISASTROUS PIT OF DOOM AND I AM SO GLAD I DON’T HAVE MONEY BECAUSE IT WOULD ALL BE GONE. Most of the year I don’t buy bookish subscription boxes or book merchandise, but that is what I live for at Christmas time (including my birthday in this). I have learned by lesson that asking for tons of books for Christmas and Birthday is a bad idea when they are in the same week because last year my TBR went from around 70/80 to over 100 in one week (Christmas presents, birthday presents and presents I bought myself with birthday money etc. etc.). There is no way to read enough books to stop that from happening, so I am limiting how many books go on the list and making it only editions of books that I’ve already read or the occasional November release which I otherwise wouldn’t be able to get until January and things like that. So the list has A LOT of merch on it. And like, jewellery (I have a new obsession with rings).

Anyway, I don’t really know what the purpose of this post was, but I felt like just chatting with you guys because I’ve been kind of absent from the community for a bit and basically just posting reviews (the complete opposite of what I used to do) because I have a lot of review copies to get through… mostly because I absolutely hate saying no to people. Sigh.

So when do you start making wish-lists? When do you start your Christmas shopping if you celebrate (Christmas shopping is actually more fun than receiving gifts, in my opinion)?

Please let me know how annoyed and/or angry you are at me for disrupting your lovely summer/winter with talk of Christmas 😛

Happy christmasing (that’s a verb now), Keira x.


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  1. I am seriously considering preparing for christmas earlier then early just so I can relax all through November and December and not have to worry about buying presents for everyone when the shops are full of crazy people (usually myself included). I feel you on the review copies! I finally got my list down and went on Netgalley straight away for more xD It’s perfectly okay to say no thank you to reviews! I hardly say yes anymore there are just to many books ❤

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    1. Keira says:

      Early Christmas shopping is a wonderful idea… you can even take advantage of some summer sales sometimes 😉. And yep SO many books. Oh well, at least I read quickly 😂

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