Angelbound by Christina Bauer


31932429.jpgI received a free copy of this audiobook in exchange for an honest review. Many thanks to the author and YA Bound Book Tours for this opportunity. I will also briefly state that this review may contain MINOR spoilers, as I was unable to formulate my review any other way. These spoilers should not spoil your enjoyment of the book in any way.

As this is an audiobook review (which is new to me), this will critique the quality of the Audible narration as well as the actual content of the story. Some of the voices put on by the narrator/author were quite annoying, in particular for her mum in the beginning and for Sissy. Her mum’s voice is forgivable as the book is told from Myla’s perspective and she finds her mum very annoying and aggravating in the beginning, but I think we are supposed to like Sissy most of the time, so it was a little off-putting, but it didn’t hinder my enjoyment of the story very much. The mum’s character also annoyed me at the beginning, but I enjoyed her character much more towards the end of the story and understood why she was the way she was.

Myla is the main character and I will admit that at the beginning she annoyed me and her relationship with her mother aggravated me. However, both of these elements grew on me throughout the novel and I have a feeling that in the next two books Myla will grow so much and become an absolutely fabulous main character.

Lincoln on the other hand, apart from thinking he was close-minded and ignorant to begin with, I absolutely loved. He is very good for Myla and such an amazing character in his own right. I really hope we get to see much more of him in the next books. Walker is a babe and I love his platonic relationship with Myla (like, cousins or siblings) and his genuine goodness. Xavier annoys me to begin with me, but grows on me as well. Zeke grows on me by the end and Sissy, although her voice annoys me and she does some pretty bad-friend things, is also a good person, but they aren’t particularly exciting or interesting characters, so I hope there is a bit more development in the next book. I actually thought that the relationship between Zeke and Sissy went a bit fast. One of the other relationships 😉 moved quite fast as well, but it felt more natural so it didn’t bother me as much, perhaps because we actually got to see what the characters in the relationship were thinking and discussing, rather than seeing it through an outsider’s perspective.

Veris is such a manipulative sneak, but I kind of like her anyway. I hope we get to see more of her plans come to fruition in the next book. Queen Octavia of the Thrax was such an incredible character for the brief moments in which we saw her and I really, really, really hope she plays a bigger role in the next book. Armageddon is, obviously, horrible but that kind of goes without saying from about the second chapter. I hate Tim and the Oligarchy are just cowardly. (Also, please excuse if any of these names are spelt wrong: the one downside of the listening to an audiobook is that although I know how you pronounce all these names, I have absolutely no idea how the author spells them.)

In short, I really liked most of the characters (or hated the characters I was supposed to hate) and some of them I down right loved. Characters really, really break or make a story for me, so this is definitely a positive thing!

On to the world-building: I found the world that we did explore interesting, but I really hope we get to see a bit more in the next books. The different types of demons are all really interesting and nuanced and I really hope that we get to see that more in the next books as well.

Myla’s voice is a bit immature (by voice I mean the words which she uses), especially at the beginning of the novel, which makes the whole book feel more immature because it is told through her perspective, but I feel that it becomes less immature as the book progresses which makes it less annoying.

In conclusion, I really enjoyed this book and think there is room for much development in the sequels. As a general rule, most of the problems I had with this book got better as the book went on. I would recommend this book to people who enjoy kick-ass main characters with a taste for trouble, wonderful love interests who are characters in their own right, interesting worlds and a unique plot.


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