When Dimple Met Rishi by Sandhya Menon


28458598This is the kind of book that makes you grin wider than the cheshire cat and causes all of your face muscles to ache for at least 30 minutes after turning the last page. It made me so irrevocably, indescribably HAPPY.

Dimple and Rishi have more in common than it first seems and they have SO much chemistry, it was an absolute pleasure to read about the two of them together. I also love them as individual characters- especially Rishi. I love his strong faith and connection to his Indian heritage and I very much enjoy when characters have slightly unusual interests and passions, so his comic book art making was definitely a plus for me. Speaking of passion, I really loved how Dimple was so dedicated to her purpose and how noble that purpose was as well. It also really helped to bring attention to the struggles people with chronic conditions face in terms of always having to moderate everything about their life- their diet, exercise, medicine etc. etc. This book also deals with difficulties people might have fitting their modern ideals with the more traditional ones of their parents or their culture, as well as other issues such as confidence and courage.

My only real complaints would probably have to be the pacing and development of the secondary characters. The story arch of Celia and Evan was never really fully explained and I felt like the whole situation with Celia and Dimple’s relationship needed to be developed further. This would have been hard to do as it is told entirely through Dimple and Rishi’s perspectives, so we only see the parts that they see, so this is forgivable but still leaves something unsatisfied. The ending is also quite rushed, but I will complain less about this because it avoided a lot of angst and drama and got me a solution with relative ease, which I much prefer to hundreds of pages of indecisiveness, although perhaps an extra chapter would have made the pacing feel more natural.

But seriously, if you like contemporary AT ALL then definitely read this book. Especially if, like me, you absolutely love reading books with arranged marriages. I gave this book 4 stars, but if I was still doing half-stars it would be getting 4.5.


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