If We Had No Winter by D. L. Pitchford


34945065Thank you to the author for providing me with a review copy in exchange for an honest review.

The hardest part about writing reviews is how to begin. I never sound as eloquent as I would like. Oh well, I will never reach the level of perfection in my reviews that some people I read have, so let’s just proceed with the mediocrity. Also, I have like literally no details to back what I’m saying or anything, but this review is 100% spoiler free and I have no self-control, so it’s either all or nothing I’m afraid.

So the main character annoyed me but I also liked/respected her? Billie has all of the elements of characters that annoy me, with the exception of being an idiot, but the amount of character development and the justification for her personality made it so that I truly respected her by the end of the novel. Xander on the other hand I absolutely loved, but I felt that he too went through some major character development as well. Jimmy is a sweetheart throughout, but I hope we get to see him develop and learn a bit more about both him and Xander in the next books in the series. Zane on the other hand annoyed me from practically the moment I met him, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, in my opinion.

I loved the way Billie’s relationships with Jimmy, Zane, her dad, Imogen (her sister) and Xander progressed throughout the novel. If I had to pick the thing that I loved the most about this book, well, it would be the exchanges between Xander and Billie, but apart from that, it would be how organically but thoroughly all of the characters (or at least our perceptions of the characters) change from the beginning to the end of the novel. It feels natural and is very engaging.

I am also always a massive fan when the main character is incredibly passionate for something, so her love for maths and art really appealed to me.

In the next novel, I really hope that the possible anorexia Billie is dealing with is explored more as I felt like it really needed to be addressed more and I’m just hoping that this happens soon. In addition to this, I hope that some other important and emotional topics which are covered nearer the end of the book are also explored well in the next book (YEAH, TRYING REALLY HARD NOT TO SPOIL ANYTHING THERE). I also hope that the relationships and characters continue to have such developing arcs, but also to flesh out some of the other characters more as well.

I gave this book 4 stars as I felt that it could be developed much further, but I think that there is room for 5 stars to happen in the future if the books get better from here on out.


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