June Wrap Up


Hello everyone! Long time, no see. You can thank the beauty of finals for that. Anyway, I’m back now and with the amount of reviews I have backlogged, you’ll definitely be seeing a lot of me in July!

How Did My Reading Go…

  • Light Box by K. J. Orr
  • Magic of Blood and Sea by Cassandra Rose Clarke
  • If We Had No Winter by D. L. Pitchford

I took one book of my TBR this month because I was supposed to be reading it for a school but there was a change in classes because of a ton of weeks where we aren’t doing regular school (aka. exams and doing a work placement). I have also read about two pages of If We Had No Winter.

Screen Shot 2017-07-02 at 12.27.30.png

So I didn’t read massive this month and unfortunately nearly everything I read would be counted as “guilty pleasure” type reading which I generally like to balance more evenly with more serious reading that I enjoy on a deeper level. As such, apart from one 2 star rating, every book I read this month received 4 stars.

Light Box by K. J. Orr I found especially hard to rate as it was a short story collection, some of which I really enjoyed and others of which confused me completely.

Magic of Blood and Sea by Cassandra Rose Clarke was the only other non-romance book I read this month.

All of the romance books were fantasy based romance as that is my preference. My favourite was probably “Slouch Witch” by Helen Harper as I thought it had the most character development and non-romance plot, with my second favourite being “White Hot” by Ilona Andrews.

What did you enjoy reading this month? Happy reading, Keira x.


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