Book Blogger Memory Challenge

Okay, the rules of this challenge: answer all of the questions without looking anything up on the internet or looking at your bookshelves. This is pretty old and only fun if you’re really bored or trying not to go to sleep too early like I am because you feel unproductive, so I’m not going to tag anyone.

Name a book written by an author called Michael.

Born to Run by Michael Morpurgo.

Name a book with a dragon on the cover.

Temeraire by Naomi Novik.

Name a book about a character called George.

Well, it isn’t really about him, but there is a character called George, so On the Edge by Ilona Andrews.

Name a book written by an author with the surname Smith.

Ugh this is the only one I didn’t really have an answer for… I can’t think of one that is different from what the person who I copied the questions off got… so the Vampire Diaries by L. J. Smith?

Name a book set in Australia.

Stolen by Lucky Christopher.

Name a book with the name of a month in the title.

Second Chance Summer by Morgan Matson

Name a book with a knife on the cover.

Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas.

Name a book with the word 'one' in the title.

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline.

Name a book with an eponymous title.

If you’re like me and have absolutely no idea what ‘eponymous’ means, it means getting from the name of a person. For example, an eponymous title is Cinder by Marissa Meyer.

Name a book with a movie adaptation.

The Martian by Andy Weir. Good book and a good movie.

Pictures would have been wasted on such a short, quick survey! Happy reading, Keira x.


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  1. Excellent choices!! Definitely agree with you about Martian!

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