All Things Beauty and the Beast


If you’re anything like me, less than a month is far too long to wait to see Beauty and the Beast (out March 17th). I’ve always loved Beauty and the Beast and Emma Watson is great, so I just don’t see how this can be a bad thing. In honour of my dire need to see this film, here is a selection of Beauty and the Beast (both old and new) related videos, articles and pictures for your perusal!

You can find the official Beauty and the Beast Live Action Film Twitter here. Definitely recommend following them if you want to know when new content is released!

And they are definitely not afraid to drop some Harry Potter references either as this article shows.

And some of the fanart from the original is beautiful…


There are A LOT of teasers for this new film…

Confronting some issues people have with Beauty and the Beast and doing so ever so eloquently…

It is a children’s film so….

This makes me excited…

And Clevver helpfully gives us some information about GASTON…

And here is the trailer from the original film! A very, very different style.

Okay, and this is NOT Beauty and the Beast related and I don’t even plan on watching this film anytime soon (and haven’t seen it yet) but this is Disney and so catchy.

Are you as excited as I am for Beauty and the Beast? Happy reading, Keira x.


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