Just an eensy weensy one, but no spiders

Does anyone get the nursery rhyme reference in the title? No? Okay. Well if you did then a) please don’t ever force me to look at or touch spiders and b) props for an awesome memory. Anyway, on to more relevant matters, my TBR this month is tiny! This is, of course, partially because I have no books to read for school, but I already read my reread book for the month and many of my review copies. In fact, when this is posted I have already read one of the books on this list, but as I finished it after posting my January Wrap Up, it counts to February and will still be on this list! Without further ado, here is my measley TBR!


Yep, it’s smaller even than last month’s. Last week this was actually five books, but I read some of the review copies and they got knocked off! Pull is my 2017 Challenge book and I have actually already read it; the other two are review copies!

What books are you looking forward to reading this month? Happy reading, Keira x.


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