Witches, Magic and Slight Confusion

Firstly, please be aware that although I received a review copy of this book from the author through YA Bound Book Tours, this is a New Adult book, not Young Adult. Thank you to the author and YA Bound Book Tours for providing me with an e-copy of Till Death and Beyond by Lyn C. Johanson in exchange for an honest review.

till-death-and-beyondSomedays I find it easy to write a review. These tend to be the days when I’m angry at a book or the days when I don’t have a biology test to study for and another book to read. Today is not one of those days. However, I know in myself that when I push off writing reviews they tend to get pushed back and pushed back until I cannot push them back anymore and have forgotten half of what I had been meaning to say. Therefore, please ignore any strange inconsistencies in what I am saying; my brain is slightly preoccupied with pulmonary veins and haemoglobin.

I was excited to read Till Death and Beyond. I wasn’t massively excited when I first saw it, but there were rave reviews and that made me excited. Whilst I personally wouldn’t give this book 5 stars like some people did, I am grateful for those reviews- they kicked my butt, made me read the book and I had such fun doing it! The characters are truly complex, interesting and strong. The story is fast paced, the romance electric.

That being said, I felt like I had picked up the sequel to a book without reading the first book in a sequence; the events were at times very unclear and I got quite confused as to what was happening. There was no explanation of the world or family history. It felt to me like it was assumed the reader already knew those things. Whilst I still very much enjoyed this book, the confusion that it gave me as the reader and the amount of guesswork involved did hinder my capability to fully immerse myself in the world. One of the sex scenes around 80% I also felt went on for a bit too long and whilst the scenes are wonderfull to add to the character of plot, I was getting a bit annoyed and just wanted to find out what happened next.

Despite the lack of clarity in world-building and some events, I truly did enjoy this book and gave it 3 stars. Now, I do want to say one thing: three stars is NOT a bad rating by any means. There are books which I have given 2.5 stars and said I will continue the series with pleasure. I don’t rate any books I don’t finish and 1 stars are reserved for those books which I had to read for school, but otherwise would not have finished. 3 stars for me is ‘I really enjoyed this, but there were some fairly large issues which hindered my enjoyment of story’. It is also, in this case, I can’t wait to read the next book because I think it will be a) better and b) I want so much more of this world and these characters- especially the characters. The characters made this story for me.

In conclusion, I would recommend this for lovers of witches, romance and a fun read with quite a decent amount of steaminess.

Sorry for my absence last week- I was very busy (in fact, I should probably be studying for that biology test… transpiration and translocation await me!) Happy reading, Keira x.


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