Advent 2016

Merry Christmas Eve (just)! Here are some of my holiday highlights from the month of December.

This year, the first Sunday of advent fell really early (the earliest it ever does), so we put up decorations on the last weekend of Advent. Or rather, my mum did her tree and we started putting up decorations. I think the entire process took a good 2 weeks. Mum goes really all out for Christmas, but she does it very tastefully, so it always looks gorgeous!

In my house we have three communal advent calendars (we don’t do individual ones). My sister and I both get a chocolate each day off the silver tree- my dad used to, but he keeps ‘trying’ to diet. My sister and I also take it turns to stick felt ornaments on the Christmas tree, a tradition continued from when we were very little. Then my dad and mum get 3 presents each and my sister and I get 9 each (they find it harder to get presents for each other) from the family advent calendar, which we always do after dinner when my dad gets home, or the next day if he is away on a business trip.


The first advent present I got in our family adven calendar were two little clips with fake blackboards that say ‘Dreams’ and ‘Ideas’. They look great as mini decorations on my bookshelves. Then I got a gingerbread rubber, to be use at Christmas only.The matchbox minigame is impossible, I swear. I spent ages trying to figure out how to do it and have yet to succeed; I probably won’t figure it out before next Christmas.

My mum (because my dad only does my mum’s advent presents) gave me a mini mascara, which is really nice and light on the lashes and a lipstick in the most gorgeous deep, matte burgundy.

Earlier in the year, I was asking around for a metallic permanent pen for a piece of fanart that I was doing and we didn’t have on. Mum remembered and bought be one for advent (her memory is so incredible, it was quite a surprise)! Finally, mum got me socks. Every year, mum puts socks in the advent calendar for me, my sister and my dad. Next year, I need to buy her some socks to give her on Christmas Eve, because she’s really missing out. Normally they are Christmas socks, but this year (despite getting my dad Christmas socks), Mum bought me some pretty ones with flowers, which is great because nearly all of my socks are boring because of my school uniform, but when I wear jeans I can go crazy with my socks!

Also, what you can’t see in the picture (because I have already eaten them) are a mini packet of chocolate buttons and a reindeer-shaped giant malteser.

We’ve done a couple of Christmas-y things this advent with family. Last weekend we visited a stately home called ‘Wimpole Hall’ with my mother’s parents and saw all of their fabulous Christmas decorations that were themed around fairy tales and classic stories; I made a pomander. My sister decorated the Christmas cake and we both, along with my mum, made and decorated a gingerbread house! Today (Christmas Eve) we went to see Rogue One as a family (last year we saw Stars Wars too) and then we came home and my sister and I both got one present; whenever mum finds any nice ones, she always gets us Christmas PJs! She loves getting me snarky Christmas shirts.

That’s it for my advent this year! See you tomorrow (hopefully, if I get it done in time) to talk about my Christmas celebrations! Do you make a big thing of advent? Merry Christmas, Keira x.


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