Book Club? Challenge Club? 2017

Hello everyone! As you may or may not know, Jackie @Fall in Love with the Sound of Words and I run a book club over on Goodreads, which is currently called It’s Not Just A Book Club. Speaking of which, the first order of business today is letting you know that we are changing the name, so if you want to join the group, go ahead and you can also still vote on the poll for what you want the name to be!

Now, on to the next thing. Both Jackie and I feel that picking a specific book each month is kind of restricting. Originally we were doing loads of books, which worked okay, but wasn’t very practical. So, in 2017, rather than having a book to read, we are going to have 12 challenge categories, to be completed at each person’s leisure throughout the year. There may be a prize for one random person who reads one book in each of the categories, but we will let you know if/when that is decided.

The twelve categories are…

  1. A book with a character that has a common mental health issue, learning disability/difference or social problem.
  2. A book without the letter ‘e’ in the title.
  3. A book set in a country you’ve never been to.
  4. A book with a man/boy on the cover.
  5. A book set in the 20th Century not about WWII.
  6. A book told not exclusively in prose.
  7. The first book you see in a bookshop.
  8. A book recommended by a librarian.
  9. A memoir/auto-biography.
  10. A book less than 250 pages long.
  11. A book recommended to you by someone in the club.
  12. A book out of your comfort zone.

There are obviously different ways to interpret these categories. For example, I am saying that for #2, books with ‘the’ won’t work, but some people might want to say that they do! It’s pretty open-ended and we will have a group discussion where people can recommended books for different categories (which also allows people to do #12!). Some people will overlap books for categories, I am going to try not to!

If you would like to join in on this challenge, head over to the book club and join up or let me know in the comments below! A discussion should have already gone up by the time I post this and if not, it will definitely be coming soon (this all depends on what time I get up tomorrow)!

Happy reading, Keira x.


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