I Bet You Haven’t Read | Bookmas Day 4

On the fourth day of Christmas my true love gave to me, four underrated reads of 2016. Merry Bookmas! These four books weren’t necessarily published in 2016, although one of them was 🙂


My Grandmother Sends Her Regards and Apologises by Fredrik Backman was one of the first picks for Jackie and my book club, back when people still joined in 😛 I fell in love with it. It is a contemporary adult novel, but it is almost hard to say that; it is just so magical that it almost feels like fantasy, but it is just a very literal representation of something make-believe. Eliza, the five-year-old main character, is incredible and all of the other characters have wonderful, unique and interesting personalities. I read this back in February, so I am slightly unsure as to exactly what happened, but I still remember the characters vividly. I kind of wish I had a physical copy of this book, so I’m thinking of either buying myself one or putting physical copies of al Fredrik Backman’s books on my Christmas wishlist for next year, because I need to read more for him- he is incredible!


5 to 1 by Holly Bodger is another book I read right back at the beginning of the year (I think I read a lot more books at the beginning of the year than at the end) and I absolutely loved it. It is a YA Dystopian told in verse and set over the period of a couple of days. ‘5 to 1’ is actually a very important concept in this book: there are 5 men for every 1 woman, as a result of the whole ‘one child’ rule in China. They live in this small boxed off city and it is about this girl who is having to pick a husband from five ‘randomly selected’ males who are competing for her hand. It is interesting, thrilling and surprisingly easy to read and understand even in verse!

818hhkpufklI received my copy of Seed by Lisa Heathfield from my grandparents when they came to visit me in the Spring, so this is another book from the beginning of the year. Actually, looking at my list for the books I wanted to mention today, they are all from the beginning of the year. Anyway, Seed. It is a YA contemporary that is so disturbing you wish it was dystopian. It follows a girl who lives in this gated community (or well, walled) in the US, led by Papa S. It’s basically one of those religious cult-communities you hear about on the new occasionally (or did before ISIS blew up and Russia supposedly hacked the US elections). Anyway, it is an interesting book that is quite terrifying. The characters are fascinating and complex and it is quite an insight into what life in one of those walled communities could possibly be like. Let me just say that I wouldn’t want to live in Seed.

21421609.jpegAssassin’s Heart by Sarah Ahiers was released earlier this year, so it is actually published in 2016! Of the four books on the list, I feel like it is probably the most popular. There was some buzz surrounding its release back in February, but I haven’t really heard or seen it much since then, which I think is a shame because it is absolutely incredible. I love the characters and the idea for the world and I am so excited that there is going to be a sequel type thing coming out in the new year (it might be a companion novel, I’m not quite sure). Also, the hardcover edition of this book is one of the soft ones, which I am absolutely down for. I love soft hardcovers, but that is slightly besides the point.

I love the unique world started in this book and can’t wait to read more in it, so I hope some more people will read this book and join me in getting excited about the sequel!

And that is it for Bookmas Day 4. I am very amazed that I managed to publish this still on day 4; I cut it pretty fine. It is currently 23:43 so it’s really only just day 4, but that is good enough for me! Happy reading, Keira x.

P.S. I love that all of the long posts for bookmas happen when I am on holiday and super impatient for Christmas to come, needing things to keep me busy. It is so convenient (also, there is no way I could do them whilst in school and studying for exams and tests and doing homework).


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  1. I may have to pick some of these up!

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    1. Keira says:

      Let us know what you think if you do!

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  2. I haven’t read these! great post!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Keira says:

      Thank you!

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