Let the Credits Roll | Bookmas Day 3

Happy Bookmas day 3! On the third day of bookmas, my true love gave to me… three 2017 adaptations… I had a few formatting issues today, so I hope it turned out okay in the end!


Okay, so I watched Outlander seasons 1 and 2 this year and absolutely loved both of them; they are incredible book-to-tv adaptations. Therefore, as I just read Voyager last month, I am beyond excited to see what they do with it come Spring 2017! I love the actors and the set, everything about the TV show is great. It will be interesting to see what they change. So far, this is probably the only adaptation where I actually like the changes (they are more structural than content).

I love the setting in the Outlander books and it is carried over really well in the TV show as they scene on location a lot of the time. I don’t know how they manage to make all of these places look like they would have in the 1700s! It’s incredible and something I will now probably go and look up once I get dressed (it is currently 8:17 and I need to leave in 30 minutes).

1582996Another TV show adaptation, this time of a YA Novel. Shadowhunters season 2 comes out in January and whilst I hesitate to say it is based on City of Ashes it is, although perhaps quite loosely. As an adaptation, Shadowhunters isn’t the best, but as a TV show its pretty OK and I think it will get better this season as they have a bigger budget and have had more time to get into their roles.

I really enjoy Alec and Magnus (both in the books and TV show) and think that Izzy was cast impeccably as well. I look forward to seeing what they changed, although it has been so long since I read the second book in this series that I probably wouldn’t know if they changed something. That is possibly one of the reasons I don’t mind that they are changing the story quite a bit; I didn’t particularly love the original. In fact, I much preferred the Infernal Devices trilogy.

Speaking of extra trilogies, let me know if you think I should read the Dark Artifices! Is it worth it?

wonder_cover_artNow for the only book-to-movie adaptation on my list: Wonder by R. J. Palacio! It has been years since I read this book. I read it when I first got my Kindle, so that is probably a good 5 years now. Therefore, I will definitely reread this book before the film is released in the summer.

Okay, so from what little I remember, this book is about a little boy with a severe facial deformity and how it affects his life. I don’t remember anything beyond that, so I really do have to read it again.

I remember absolutely loving this book and thinking it was so important and inspiring, so I hope my 15-year-old self gets a lot more out of it than my 10-year-old self did.

Happy reading and see you tomorrow (or maybe later today if I’m really on top of it), Keira x.


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