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Hello everyone! I wasn’t tagged to do this but I just felt like it, so here is the Bookish Scenarios Tag! I’m not going to tag anyone in particular, but if you want to do it, go ahead!

You have to get rid of all of your books and can only keep one from each of these genres- contemporary, fantasy, non-fiction and one other genre of your choosing. What books do you keep?

This is basically an impossible question, so please note that I am trying not to use any books twice on this list, which has affected my answers. For contemporary, I would probably keep Fish In A Tree by Lynda Mullay Hunt. For non-fiction I would keep The Honor Code by Kwame Anthony Appiah. My other genre will be sci-fi and I would keep Illuminae by Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff. Fantasy is probably the hardest one for me as I have so many favourite books, but I would keep Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas.

You’re at the bookshop and you hear a teenager telling their mum they don’t like to read, but their mum insists they pick something. You walk over and recommend a book you think is great for people who aren’t big on reading- what book is it?

I would recommend I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson or The Martian by Andy Weir. They are both very powerful books, but are both very interesting. I’ll Give You the Sun was the book that got me back into reading A LOT after I got my computer and reading to a backseat to other things.

You’re not feeling yourself and need a pick me up. Which book do you read to put yourself in a great mood?

Definitely A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas. Although the end shatters my heart, which seems counterproductive to making me feel better, I love this book so much that it works. Even if I don’t read the thing the whole way through, rereading my favourite scenes is a guaranteed pick me up! Fanart Source.

You go back in time for a day to your teenage years. What book would you most likely have caught yourself reading?

Well considering that I am currently 14, I am going to alter this and make it my childhood years… is that what its called? You know, like 9-12 or so. I would have been reading either Harry Potter or the Charlie Bone series by Jenny Nimmo. I reread those a lot.

Your friend surprises you with a 4 day trip and you have 1 hour to pack. Which book do you bring to read on the way?

One book? That would not be enough. At the moment, it would probably be Ein Ganzes Halbes Jahr von Jojo Moyes and Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake because I need to read those this month! And also, The Night Circus by Erin Morgernstern (I have a lot of books on the go, but that is one I really want to have time to read).

Your house has been robbed! Don’t worry- everyone is safe, but your bookshelf has been raided. What’s the book you really hope is safe?

Definitely the books my grandparents gave to me or that my mum had when she was a little girl. They are in really old, sometimes original editions and can’t really be replaced. For example, my copy of Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson is actually my Grandad’s copies from the 1930/40s.

Your friend borrows a book and returns it in awful condition. Do you a) Just pretend you haven’t noticed, b) Ask them to repurchase it or c) secretly do the same to something of theirs?

It depends on the friend I suppose, and how bad it is. If its only a bit bent I’ll pretend I haven’t noticed, but if its really, really bad I’ll make them buy me a new one.

I hope you enjoyed this tag! I know I’ve been doing a lot of reviews lately- I have two more to get up and they should be coming Sunday and Monday and then there won’t be any again until late December and I will hopefully have more time to do normal posts! Happy reading, Keira x.


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  1. Shivani. says:

    All these seem like such nice books! Harry Potter is forever ❤

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