25 Bookish Facts About Me

Hey guys! I really hurt myself during P.E. today so I didn’t go to my sister’s Taekwondo performance and whilst I feel guilty and sorry for not being there as I really would have liked to been, it does give me the opportunity to write a post! So here are 25 bookish facts about me! Keira x.


#25: I can only read contemporaries when it is warm and sunny, or at least for the most part.

#24: I love to read about the Napoleonic Wars or the Victorian Era (or fantasy books based on those time periods).

#23: I first learned to read in my head at the age of 6.

#22: I love discussing books, but I get frustrated very quickly if people are too stubborn about their opinions.

#21: I reorganise my bookshelf a lot.

#20: I love bookmarks and always use actual bookmarks in my books, although I used to just remember the page number.

#19: I have the original Kindle Touch.

#18: I tab and annotate and even highlight books, especially non-fiction or if they are for school (other times I am often a bit lazy).

#17: When I have a bind up of a series or a book with multiple parts, I put washi tape on the long edge of the page with the title/part written on it to show me where each one begins and ends.

#16: I can read in both English and German, although English is my mother tongue, which makes it easier to read in English.

#15: I love when books have realistic sex scenes/discussions about sex or other ‘taboo’ topics.

#14: I hate shiny covers on books, they just feel more tacky.


#13: I read the fastest and enjoy reading the most when I am alone in the house and it is peaceful and quiet.

#12: I often find it hard to go back to the beginning of a series before I have read them all (like rereading them before they’ve all come out), so I tend to just reread the most current book.

#11: I love when a book is not only beautiful on the cover and spine, but the inside decor/appearance of the book as well as the back of the book are also paid attention to and pretty.

#10: It takes me less time to read books on my Kindle than it does to read physical copies of a book, partially because I can lie on my side and partially because I’m not constantly seeing how far through I am.

#9: I love choosing books for other people and trying to find something they will like.


#8: I buy most of my books online because I do not currently live in an English speaking country (but I will be soon, which is exciting!)

#7: The series that first got me into reading was the Rainbow Magic series by Daisy Meadows.

#6: When I first got my laptop I didn’t read much for a whole year and then I started reading more again. My friend Amadea has experienced a similar thing, but it took her two years instead 🙂

#5: I really hate the trope of there being a pre-established relationship and someone coming in and trying to break them up.


#4: I can only read historical fiction in Winter or when it is colder outside.

#3: My 5 star means a lot of different things. It ranges from ‘no complaints’ to ‘this was the most amazing freaking thing I’ve ever read’.

#2: I often change 5 star ratings to 4.5 star ratings after a couple of days.

#1: I will DNF a book if I don’t like it.



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  1. I love reading historical fiction in the winter, it feels more fitting. And I also read faster on my kindle than with the physical book but I’m not sure why.

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    1. Keira says:



    2. Keira says:

      It does feel more fitting! Maybe because it is easier to read on the Kindle?

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  2. Noo, I’m sorry you injured yourself. 😦 Hope you’re feeling better now, though!

    I tend to do that to 5 star books too. Sometimes, when you get out of the book, you’re on such a high from everything that you don’t fully realize that it wasn’t so perfect. That’s why I wait before giving a book 5 stars until I’m absolutely certain that I believe it deserves the stamp of apparent perfection.

    Where are you moving? Moving can be so exciting yet terrifying at the same time. When I moved to New York, the first thing I did was visit the Strand Bookstore, ha. 😀

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    1. Keira says:

      Thank you, I’m feeling much better now! I think waiting a bit tends to give you a more realistic view of a book in general. I’m moving to a village about 30min from Cambridge (the one in England :D), so I’m going to go around all of the bookshops; it is bookshop heaven.


    2. Keira says:

      Was the Strand Bookstore good?


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