Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher: Book Review!!

Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher

Young Adult, Contemporary

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4 stars.

This was the Anti-Theme pick of February for the It’s Not Just A Book Club. This book is told in sides of a cassette tape instead of chapters and you read the words playing on the tape as well as the character’s reaction to said words.

I found this book very difficult to rate. It didn’t hold my attention very well, but I was still interested and I did enjoy it a lot. There were certain sides that I liked more than others, which I suppose is normal. The side about the main character was by far my favourite. I just felt like I was constantly waiting for the next thing to happen and not enjoying what was happening at the moment because I wanted to know how the main character fit into the puzzle: I just didn’t find the rest of the perspectives as interesting.

That being said, I thought this was a very interesting look into how what we do, even subconsciously, can have a massive impact on those around us. I thought this book would make me cry, but really it just made me want to be kinder and more aware of my actions.

Overall, I recommend this book to people who are interested in humans and our reactions to those around us, or to those who like not-much-action books: this was about 200 pages which takes place over pretty much one day, maybe two, if I remember rightly (I read this like three weeks ago, sorry!).


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