Truthwitch by Susan Dennard: Book Review!!!

Truthwitch by Susan Dennard

Truthwitch #1, Fantasy, Young Adult

4 stars.


Truthwitch by Susan Dennard is the first book in a new high fantasy series. It follows Safi and her Threadsister Iseult through some mind-harrowing, perilous adventures. There are naval battles, interesting boys, raging wars, bargains and magic galore.

In the beginning I found this book a little…. uncertain, perhaps, of the direction. Safi and Iseult both seemed stuck up, aloof and a little… insular. However, as the book progresses they learn to, as one of my fellow readers of this book put, ‘play nice’ and they are much less… annoying. Also, so many people praise this book for the Safi-Iseult relationship, but I felt like it was forced upon me and that it was unrealstic and well… I’m not buying it yet: it needs to be more powerful and real for me and I hope I get that in the next books. Merik’s relationship with his Threadbrother, however, I am in love with. It is so perfect and sweet and heart-breaking!

The world building was somewhat sloppy, especially at the beginning, although it got much better towards the end. The reader was kind of just plunged into this world and left to figure out what the different things were from tiny bits of information. I would say that the beginning could have been whipped into shape a bit more, gotten some more things straight and the book definitely should have had an appendix to explain the different types of magic.

There was some racism with the Nomatsi, which which I felt was handled in such a way that it didn’t have such a large impact on me and I thought that could perhaps of been dealt with differently.

Merik. I wan’t to talk about this lovely boy. And romance. And my hopes. Basically, he is amazing, in my opinion of course. I found the two main male characters (Merik and Aeudan) more developed and more intriguing than the two main female characters…. oh well! Anyway, I want Merik and Safi to hook up. And I mean, no spoilers, but there is a little… romance/attraction between them. I want them to hook up, then build a relationship from that. That would be a…. powerful hook up 😉 Anyway, this is YA so it probably won’t happen, but I can dream, right?

Overall, I did really enjoy this book, despite a few issues with the beginning and my higher hopes for the Nomatsi discrimination. I loved both Merik and Aeudan (who is a wonderfully morally grey character) and I will definitely be continuing with this series- the book got better the closer to the end it got, so I hope the upward movement will continue throughout the rest of the series!

In conclusion, don’t read this if you want anything hard-hitting and perfect. Read it if you are looking for a light read that could develop into something great. Read it if you are after some good, slow-burning romance and some morally grey villains. Read it if you are after some good friendship. Merik and his Threadbrother were incredible.

Happy reading, Keira x

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