Christmas 2015


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Hello everyone and merry christmas!!! It is currently quarter to four as I am writing this and we have finished our meal. My mum and dad are just finishing tidying up and my sister is upstairs playing with her new toys (or listening to christmas music on her new laptop) so I have some time to myself and thought I would take the opportunity to share with you my christmas experience so far.

For us, christmas morning begins at 6.30-6.40am when my mum comes and fetches me and we go upstairs to my parents bed and open stockings together, taking it turns to open gifts: my sister, then me, then my mum and finally my dad. Then, about an three quarters of an hour later, we all come downstairs and get tea and water to drink. We then open the first half of the presents, taking it turns to give each other presents: my sister, then me, then my mum and finally my dad. Halfway through the presents, we take a break and eat some cereal and then we finish opening the presents. By this time it is about 10.30 or so and we spend a few hours doing whatever we like whilst my mum prepares dinner. Then, around two in the afternoon, we have our main meal, complete with burning brandy over christmas pudding. Then we go away again for a few hours and come back to watch the Strictly Come Dancing Christmas Special at about 5. After that we watch films and play board games together. During the hours when we aren’t do anything we always call our relatives in the UK at some point to wish them a Merry Christmas.

Now, I love watching videos on youtube about what people received for Christmas. So, I am going to show you what I got for Christmas. I wanted to just briefly put it out there that i am not trying to brag in anyway and I love everything that I got and am incredibly grateful for the people who gave it to me. Without further ado, let’s begin (there will be some bookish things šŸ˜‰ ).


Super-sized Stocking


Yes, that is my stocking in the picture. It doesn’t get filled. It is massive left over from when I was a little girl: I have always had the same one.

The first things I got in my stocking were two mini canvases and a set of 12 mini acrylic paint-tubes. If you saw my advent post then you know that I got paintbrushes for advent and so these are the complementary present.

These are two pairs of fuzzy socks, which I absolutely love and am currently wearing (one pair-not both). Fuzzy socks are a traditional stocking present, really. As is chocolate, but that should go without saying if you’ve been reading my blog for long. I have a slightly large obsession with chocolate.

This next thing is a mini eyeshadow and highlighter set in this beautiful, beautiful box.

The first thing you see here is a copy of The Tales of Beedle the Bard by J.K. Rowling. Unfortunately, I already had a copy so this one is going to go to a friend who is reading Harry Potter for the first time at the moment and absolutely loving it. Ā Then you see a snitch clock necklace. Yep, bookish jewellry!! I absolutely love it.



Speaking of jewellry, I also got this gorgeous glass and pearl necklace (no, the pearls aren’t real). It has an adjustable length which is cool and the glass beads give a contemporary feeling to an otherwise classic necklace.

In the first circle here you see four eyeliners: one silver, one metallic purple, one ice blue and one dark blue. In the second circle are a purple fineliner, a blue-ink purple pen and purple glitter glue. In the third circle is a cute magnet and five small christmas bookmarks, which are absolutely adorable. The brown one that is cut off has a reindeer on it.


Present Time!!!


This time I am going to separate my gifts by the person who bought them for me! In addition to what is in the picture my whole family also received Scrabble (the boardgame) and it is currently in the sitting room waiting to be played later on.


This is a present from Wendy, a friend of my grandmother who gets me and my sister a calendar every year. I absolutely love them and they’re dead handy. They have a different image for each month, this years is, according to my mother, art nouveau. Last year they were vintage advertisements.

These next things are from family friends Belle and her family in the UK. She got me some adorable slipper socks, a beautiful fairy ornament, a gorgeous notebook and pen and some eye glitter.

The first present here is a little red notebook, which I got from the family that spent Christmas Eve with us. Then, there is another notebook with dividers in it which my mothers old au pair sent me (we have gone to visit her multiple times) an then I got this adorable keychain and clock from family friends Kate and her family, from the UK. The clock makes the best sound.

Moving on to family now, these next fourĀ gifts are from my paternalĀ grandparents. I was with them when these were bought as I helped pick them out, but I didn’t know which ones I was receiving for Christmas and which ones for my birthday. They bought me a gorgeous maroon necktie thing (maroon is one of my school colours), a gorgeous sky blue over top with some beautiful detailing along the bottom and two books- The Darkest Part of the Forest by Holly Black and The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson. They bought me the Jandy Nelson book because they bought me her other book, I’ll Give You the Sun, earlier this year and I really loved it.

These two presents are from my maternal grandparents. They got me an absolutely, splendiferously gorgeously fantastic journal and a black scarf/shawl thing.

IMG_0033These gifts are from my Aunt and Uncle on my maternal side and they bought me a gorgeous Desigual clutch bag, a eyeshadow palette and a hilarious little notepad that says ‘Bad Hare Day’ on it with a picture of a hare, which is particularly fitting as my Aunt is a hairdresser.Ā IMG_0027


This next present is from my sister, who bought me a freestanding mirror. I was actually saying to a friend that I needed one of these the other day and what do you know, I got one for christmas.



These next to gifts are from my dad. He got me hand warmers and a black ski jumper for the skiing holiday we are going on at the beginning of January.

Now for some more bookish gifts, this time from my mum. She bought be The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness, Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo, The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson and Die Seiten der Welt von Kai Meyer. I actually saw Die Seiten der Welt in a bookshop here in Germany and said that it was such a gorgeous cover that I had to have it (it is also decorated a little under the dust jacket, although not entirely). My mum scolded me playfully for judging a book by its cover, but went back and read the synopsis, thought it sounded good and ended up buying it for me, which was incredibly nice of her.

These are the final two presents before my main present and they are also from my mum. She bought me a gloriously soft blanket with snowflakes and a a flowy velvet tank top with a low v-neck as well as a gorgeous shorter pencil skirt with a blue-green sequin pattern which you can kind of see a bit of in the picture. It is a bit big around the waist, but we are going to go to the tailor and get it taken in.


Yeah, my parents got me an iPhone 6s. It is a joint birthday and christmas present because it is so expensive, but my old phone’s battery didn’t work and that one was second hand (it was my mum’s old 4s which she got right when it first came out). So I needed a new phone and they were generous enough to give me this one, but they did make it my main present for my birthday as well because it is so expensive and they are also spending a lot of money on me in the first half of next year as well (I’m going to Russia for four days, Luxembourg for four days and Scotland for three weeks without them).


I just want to finish off this post by saying how amazingly thankful and grateful I am for all of the presents I received and all of the thought behind them. I hope you have had a wonderful christmas, or a wonderful day, and Happy Reading!!! I’ll see you again very soon, Keira x.

P.S. Wow, this was another long post: 1.5K words. Hope there was enough pictures to balance it out!!!



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  1. danielas19 says:

    Good post! And nice gifts!
    Merry Christmas! šŸ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Keira says:

      Thank you, you too.


  2. happyalexx says:

    Wow I’d love to go to Russia – I hope you have a lovely time. Merry Christmas, and your gifts look fantastic.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Keira says:

      Thank you, I hope I have a good time too.


  3. Congrats on all the presents! And WOW – the snitch necklace is beautiful!


    1. Keira says:

      Thank you. It is isn’t it!

      Liked by 1 person

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