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Hello everyone! I was tagged by the wonderful Anthony over at aVeryAwkwardBlog to do this so, here it is. I’m doing all of Anthony’s questions as well as the ones answered on his ollab partner’s post.

  1. First word: Duck
  2. First crush: My best friend in 4th grade (year 5)
  3. First girlfriend/boyfriend: Unless you count the obligatory ‘boyfriend’ when I was 4, not had one yet.
  4. First rejection: I don’t do the asking. And in non-relationship terms… I guess I don’t always get I want, but it isn’t really a rejection.
  5. First best friend: That I really remember, probably a girl called Tara, aged 6. I mean, I had friends before then but it was like a whole group.
  6. First job: Um, nothing. I mean, school is basically my job.
  7. First pet: My current pet- a chocolate labrador named Rogan who is older than I am. By a few months.
  8. First broken bone: never had one.
  9. First favourite TV show: Strictly Come Dancing.
  10. First favourite celebrity: J.K. Rowling or Darcey Bussell… they count, right?
  11. First favourite song: Wannabe- Spice Girls.
  12. First sport: Ballet. Still is my sport.
  13. First youtuber watched: I don’t remember, but out of the years I’ve really watched a lot of youtube, it was probably Zoella.
  14. First favourite colour: I think I had a thing for white when I was two. Or maybe purple. When I was 7 it was definitely pink.
  15. First favourite present: Teders, the teddy bear I’ve had since before I was born and still sleep with.
  16. First favourite book: This book that I can’t remember the name of but it was like a cloth one and said “Can you swim?” “Are you a duck?” on one page. I had it before I could walk. In terms of real books though, it would have to be the Fairy Stories by Daisy Meadows. And then Harry Potter.
  17. First character you wanted to marry: Oh crap, I honestly cannot for the life of me think who it might be…. I think I had a thing for Harry Potter at one point, but I never thought about marrying him- it was more of an awe-at-how-brave-he-is thing. I suppose that kind of came up recently but there are too many, so I have no idea.
  18. First time you failed in class: I got a 2 in music once, but I redid it and got a 5+ (a 2 is like a E and a 5+ is like a low B). It is the worst grade I ever got. In terms of grades that actually remained really bad, I got a C on a Band thing once. But mostly I get Bs and As. So I’ve never, ever failed a class.
  19. First award/honour received: A certificate for my pre-primary ballet exam when I was like 4, probably.
  20. First country you visited outside your own: France, I think, my mum went skiing there with me when I was a baby. But that I can remember…. probably Germany when we moved there.
  21. First time you lost your parents in a shop: As far as I am aware, this has never happened to me.
  22. First time someone you knew died and it affected you: No one I really know has ever died, but I was kind-of friends with a guy last year who pretended to die and made me cry before calling the house number (which I never gave him) still pretending to be the doctor and spoke to my mum 3o minutes later. He is annoying as well as a dick. Pardon my french.
  23. First thing you do in the morning: Wake up. Then stretch.
  24. First test and grade you had this semester: I don’t know, but I can tell you all of the first grades I got this half semester (since October) in all of my different classes:
    • A 7 is like a high A, a 6 is like a low A-high B and you don’t need to know below that 😉
    • French- 7, English- 7, Geography-6, Biology- 7, German- 6, Maths- 7, Drama- 6, Band- 6.
    • Those aren’t all of my classes, but some of my classes haven’t given me grades yet this half semester.
  25. First time you met an online friend in real life: Probably when I came to my new school- I had been following a few of my current friends on Instagram because of a mutual friend.
  26. First phone you broke: The headphone thing of my very first phone- a Samsung Galaxy SII stopped working if that counts? I was 11 I think. It was a second hand phone (my current one is two and it is also broken- a iPhone 4s).
  27. First social media account: Instagram, 12 years old.
  28. First thing you ever googled: Absolutely no clue.
  29. First time you won something: I won a giant, life-sized stuffed dog toy at a fair when I was about 6.
  30. First blog post: Entitled “Hello” and was about my blog and how bad I was at writing a diary. It was a few days before the end of June.

And that is it! I tag Cristina @MyTinyObsessions, Bianca @TheUltimateFangirl, Em @LyfWithEm and Cátia @TheGirlWhoReadTooMuch

Love you guys!

Keira x



5 Comments Add yours

  1. Thanks for doing the tag!
    And wow, I have (kinda) the same teddy bear! His name is pierro, I still have him since I was one year old and I love him.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Keira says:

      Yeah, teddy bears are the best.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. LyfWithEm says:

    Thanks so much for the tag! Do you mind if I do it in the New Year, even though, yes I know, it’s ages away?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Keira says:

      That’s fine!!! Do it when you have the time!

      Liked by 1 person

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