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Hello everyone! I am starting a new segment on my blog called ‘A Discussion Worth Having’. Basically, this is just an excuse for me to make discussion post whenever I like, seeing as there isn’t going to be some kind of regular schedule or whatever. Anyway, so this discussion was inspired by a post that Em of LyfwithEm wrote which you can read here.

Throughout her post, Em was talking about the negative aspects of annexing people and putting them into boxes and how it has negatively affected her. Whilst I agree that this is certainly the case, I wanted to provide a fresh view point on the subject and talk about how it has positively affected my life. Yes, stereotyping has positively affected my life.

The thing is, stereotyping isn’t harmful in itself: it is based on ones opinions of a specific type of person. As long as a stereotype is only an initial idea of what the person is like and is subject to change based on the individual you are dealing with, it isn’t actually an issue anymore, because the stereotype has been eradicated.

Which leads us to the next issue I wanted to talk about. When we talk about stereotyping in these kinds of posts, we aren’t only talking about the preconceived notions made due to our race, nationality or gender- although these are present- we are talking more specifically about people classifying us as individuals with one specific label. Which is where my positive experience comes in. Because each person is an individual, everyone will have a slightly different label for you. But because everyone is influenced by other people, the labels will merge into one, broader, more complex label.

The trick here, is making sure that you are getting labeled the way you want to be labelled. I am many things to those in my year at school- short, enthusiastic, a little hyper, intelligent, eager to help, hardworking. And then I am another thing to my closest friends- completely wack job. And another to my teachers- dedicated, studious, academic, prideful. And then another thing to my parents- messy, overly stressed, their baby. And another to my sister- annoying, selfish, kind. And another to the person who I say hello to in the street- pleasant, amiable, kind.

I guess what I am trying to say here is that it is impossible for everyone to fit you in one box. People put lots of labels on you- and everyone will have different labels- and it is up to you to make them the labels you want.

That is it for this discussion post. I hope you enjoyed, and let me know what you think!

Keira x


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  1. This is such an interesting counter-opinion! Thanks for sharing this. xxx

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    1. Keira says:

      No problem!

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