Hi guys! The owner of this blog, Emma, contacted me about voting for her piece. I had a look at it and think her cause is great, Unfortunately, I cannot vote, but if you can I would highly encourage you to!

urban life

When I got an email from my mother about something called AFS Project Change, I kind of just skimmed over it. At the same time, I had been reading about the Syrian Refugee Crisis. Now I knew that this event had been going on, but I didn’t know that it is the largest humanitarian crisis since WWII. More that 12 million Syrians have fled Syria, and half of them are children.

When people hear of their country accepting refugees, some get scared. They see statistics on paper, and they worry about taxes, jobs, their safety, etc. What many of these people don’t do is look at the conditions in Syria. Many don’t even google what Syrian refugees look like. They aren’t all terrorists, they aren’t all going to steal jobs, but they are all people trying to flee a violence stricken country. If our country were to break into turmoil…

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