The First Paragraphs

‘She wandered aimlessly through the narrow alleyways, humming softly as she walked the cobblestone streets, her feet dancing to the beat of a song that had never been played by man and never would be. This was a song of faerie making and only those of the fair folk could her it. This fae’s name was Avae and she was a perfectly ordinary. Human, so to speak. Or rather, she appeared to be.

Avae walked up the grand steps to a manor house, her ragged jeans seeming out of place in the old, majestic neighbourhood. She, however, was perfectly comfortable in her surroundings and smiled brightly as she raised her hand to the doorknocker. As she did so, her sleeve fell back and inch of porcelain skin was revealed. At that moment, any human walking by would have dropped dead.’

And that was the first two paragraphs of the new YA Fantasy novel I am writing. What do you think? Let me know!

Keira x


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  1. Sounds incredible so far!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Keira says:

      Thank you!


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