Blue and Pink Skin | A Short Story


Hello everyone! I might have mentioned it a while ago, but I am going to start posting some original writing. This is a short story I wrote for a school assignment. Let me know what you think, criticism is encouraged. And by the way, I do know that the verb ‘flopped’ is overused a bit in the first paragraph….

Love you lots,

Keira x (I’ll use my real name for writing… I need to keep all my writing under one name, for sanity sake)

Aaron zipped his suitcase up and flopped back on the bed. It was a small suitcase, nowhere near big enough for going to university. He looked at the pile of clothes on his bed and the makeup on the chair  and the books on the floor. He unzipped his suitcase for what felt like the millionth time and dumped the contents on to the floor. He flopped himself down in the middle of the mess and puts his face in his hands. I will not cry, he thought to himself, fighting back tears. He had a tendency to cry when he got frustrated with something, and he was definitely frustrated. He couldn’t decide what to bring. Should he bring what he wanted, what made him happy? What he needed? Should he bring what his parents expected him to bring?

He got up, determined to get packed so he could finally, finally leave. He was running late already and by this point, he would never get to London before the security office closed at 20:00. He set his suitcase out and decided to pack his books- all of the ones he had shortlisted to take with him and he took a pair of jeans and a few t-shirts. Catching a glimpse of some pink fabric peeking out from under the heap of clothes, he picked it up and stuffed it inside his suitcase; he’d finally done it. Sure, he didn’t have enough clothes to last him even a month, let alone four, and he didn’t have any paper or pens but it didn’t matter at the moment: he was ready to go.

A few hours later, Aaron and his mother arrived at the University and Aaron got out of the car, stretching, stiff from the drive. His mother opened the boot, bright and happy as usual, and hugged him. She watched him get his suitcase and roll it into the intimidating building before getting in the car again and driving back home. Aaron watched her drive off and then went into the administrative office and got himself registered and up to his room, flopping down on his bed. He fell asleep without even changing his clothes.

The next morning he woke up to the sound of cars outside his window and someone shaking his arm. “Wake up!” It seemed to him as if there was someone shouting in his ear, but when he opened his eyes, it was only another boy, sitting on the end of his bed and tickling his foot.

“Oh you’re awake!” said the boy in an exuberant manner as Aaron sat up. “I’m Mit, your roommate. I’m going over to a friend’s room, you want to come?”

Aaron laughed, nodding. Mit’s excitement was infectious, like a yawn, except, perhaps, more pleasant. “Let’s go then. I’m Aaron, by the way.”

Smiling, the boy pulled Aaron up and ran down the hall. He was like a little kid who had way too much caffeine. They arrived outside a door at the end of the floor and he burst in the room, not even bothering to knock. Aaron followed more hesitantly behind him. Sitting on the bed was a tall blonde girl who smiled at Aaron as he came in and introduced herself as ‘Lilly’. Mit hugged her viciously and she hugged him back. They obviously cared for each other, but he sensed a sibling-vibe from them.  There was another girl sitting on the other bed in the room who gave the boys a disdainful look and stomped out of the room.

“Well she seems pleasant,” said Aaron.

“Tell me about it, she’s a bear and we’re all covered in honey” said Lilly with a loud laugh, “I can’t believe I’m stuck with her all year. I might invade your guys’ room.” And sure enough, she did. Which was why she was there when Aaron realised he had run out of clothes.

“What do you mean you’ve ran out of clothes? We’ve only been here two weeks! Did you not do any washing?” exclaimed Lilly, throwing her hands up in the air.

“All of my clothes seem to have… decided to get dirty all at once,” said Aaron sheepishly.

“Well, you know what we have to do now…” she said with a sly smile on her face.

“What?” asked Aaron hesitantly.

“Go shopping!!!” she exclaimed excitedly.

“I have to go and… uh…  go to the…  um…  place to do the…. thing with the… um doctor…!” stammered Mit before running out of the room leaving a suddenly bewildered Aaron behind to Lilly.

“Sounds good,” said Aaron with a smile.

“Seriously? Mit never wants to go shopping with me and we’ve been friends since we were ten,” said Lilly, one eyebrow raised.

“Sure,” said Aaron, “who doesn’t like a bit of retail therapy?” With a smile, Lilly dragged Aaron downstairs and out of the building.

They stepped off the Underground half an hour later and Lilly pulled Aaron into the first H&M they came across. They walked through the shop towards the men’s section, Lilly oohing and aahing at everything, talking constantly. With Lilly seemingly distracted, Aaron took the liberty of running has hands through the silky fabrics of the dresses and shirts in the women’s section and admiring the shiny shoes with their pointy heels. The men’s section interested him less and he left the shop an hour later with only two plain t-shirts and another pair of jeans- just enough to last him until his other clothes were ready to be worn again. Little did he know, Lilly was more observant than she let on and had noticed his wistful glances and fond touches in the rare moments that she turned around to check he was still with her.

After Lilly left Aaron to play video games with Mit and Jacob, a guy from his English Literature class, she went shopping again. This time however, she wasn’t buying Aaron t-shirts and jeans. She was buying him dresses.

She scoured the clothing rails, keeping an eye out for flowy materials, lace, pink and dresses. She found a few girly t-shirts and then her eyes met with the dress. The one she knew he had to have. She picked it up in his size, which she had taken note of when they were out previously, and rushed to the counter, paying for the clothes and hopping on the Underground back home. She went upstairs to the boys’ room and dropped the bag off, giving it to Aaron with a wink before prancing out of the door.

Aaron excused himself for a moment and went into the private bathroom attached to his room. He opened the bag and peered inside. He startled at what he saw and threw the bag down, breathing heavily. He knew then that she had caught him. He was touched that she had gone out again and bought him those things, and was thrilled that he had her support, be had no idea whether he could bring himself to wear those things. He had made some amazing friends and didn’t want to lose them now.

He pulled himself together, shaking his head and picking the bag back up. If they are really my friends, they won’t care if I like to dress like a girl, he thought to himself. He pulled the clothes out of the bag and looked at them. They were gorgeous- he had no idea how Lilly had picked such amazing things for him, how she had pinpointed his likes so well, but she had. He debated taking it easy and wearing the blue t-shirt with the small silver studs but decided that if he didn’t start with a bang, he would probably chicken out last moment and so he stripped, folding his clothes neatly in a pile and slipped the dress over his head. He looked at himself in the mirror and smiled. It fit him perfectly- snug over the chest, flowy everywhere else and with delicate straps. It reached his knees and showed off his toned calves, which he kept smooth, and shoulders to perfection. He flexed his muscles and laughed. He looked odd but he liked it. He felt confident and happy. And then he turned to face the bathroom door and his heart plummeted to his feet. Standing in the doorway was Mit with Jacob right behind him.

“You look nice, man,” was all Mit said, raising an eyebrow in question but not pressing the issue any further. Jacob was a bit more shocked but didn’t say anything, only smiled and nodded as Mit asked him if he wanted to go to the pub and watch some footie.

“I’d love to. Is Lilly going to come?” Aaron asked. He wanted to show her that he took her initiative, took a chance.

“Well of course I am,” said Lilly. “Why you think I ran off- I had to go and change. You look nice, by the way. That colour suits you.” She winked at him and he laughed, shaking his head at her faux nonchalance- she was quite obviously beaming internally.

As they were walking out of the door, Aaron fished the pink scarf he had packed so brashly before and slipped it around his neck, smiling. He knew he would have some use for it. Especially if people started staring- he could always hide his face. And he did. Until Mit told him he looked ridiculous.

Now, a few years later, they didn’t stare anymore- much, although he still took his scarf everywhere he went, just for old-times sake. Aaron wasn’t the boy who wore dresses; he was simply Aaron and he happened to wear both dresses and football shirts- sometimes even at the same time. He was happy-  happy that he wasn’t limited, that he was welcomed by his peers. But more than anything else, he was happy that he had accepted himself; he was proud of himself now, proud of his ability to change the way people viewed men and women in society and he looked back on his journey with a smile, a weary, worn smile, for it had not been an easy time, but a true smile because this was who he was meant to be. He felt it in his bones.

This is my original work. Please do not steal my work. If you would like to feature this piece on your own website, you may do as long as you raise no money from it, do not change any part of the story, link back to my original post, give me credit as the author and ask for my permission first. Thank you!


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