Harry Potter Challenge Day 30

The question today (and the last one of the challenge) is: How did Harry Potter affect you?

I wish I had some beautiful speech about how it made me fall in love with reading or how I made one of my best friendships through it like others did but I don’t. I’ve been into reading since I was in a cot and my best friendships were made based on association. Harry Potter still played an important role in my life though- it was the book that introduced me to diverse plots and that made me stay up until midnight reading. It was what made me need glasses for two years (eye strain from reading too much- who knew?) and it was a lifesaver during the two years where I had virtually nothing I could read (reading level, interest level and age clashed a bit too much and books that I found interesting and were a good reading level were not appropriate content for a 9 year old to read). Maybe there is a beauty in the way that despite them not having caused a major impact on my life, I still have such love for them and esteem and respect for them- I love them because they are amazing and special in their own right.


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