Harry Potter Challenge Day 24

Which scene did you wish was filmed but wasn’t?

Okay, so I am sort of cheating with the answer to this question- it won’t be scenes but it will be elements. And I have two. Okay, first of all- Peeves. I mean, how did they leave him out! He was a major part of the book…. 😦 Not happy. And I know they filmed Peeves’ parts and then didn’t put them in the final movie. Or at least, that is what I’ve heard. The other thing I wish they had put in the film was Ginny’s character. In the books, as I’ve mentioned before, she was a much more dynamic character and a stronger one as well. The movies did a poor job of portraying her, although Bonnie Wright did an excellent job of acting her (with what she was told to make her, of course).


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