Harry Potter Challenge Day 17…. I am so bad at updating lately…

I am so sorry! For some reason, I am struggling to update at the moment. Maybe once I clean my room and actually have access to my desk it will happen. I didn’t do a Sunday Post because I figured there weren’t really enough things to talk about. Hopefully I won’t have the same scenario on this coming Sunday. However, if you do want to know what books I’ve read and/or bought so far you can check the galleries that are just below my ‘Currently Reading’ shelf-thingy in the Sidebar.

Now, for today’s challenge: What is your favourite Harry Potter fan adaptation?

Um… I don’t really do fan adaptations? It’s not really my kind of thing. But I do like dramione fan-fiction, I guess?

That’s it for now, sorry about how short it is but I just don’t know much about the fan adaptations.

Rogan x


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