Harry Potter Challenge Day 15

Yes, I am really, really behind. Like 8 days behind (I started 6 days after leannaatc did over at Short Story Long). Anyway, today’s prompt is: Pick three characters to be your best friends at Hogwarts.

#1: Luna Lovegood

Luna Lovegood is an amazing person with a strong spirit and she is a wonderful role model. She believes in herself, is unexpectedly hilarious and just a really wonderful person, all wonderful qualities to have in a friend.

#2: Minerva McGonagall

Professor McGonagall is a surprisingly nice and strong person who stands up for what she believes in. She is supportive, a great listener and a kind person.

#3: Charlie Weasley

I couldn’t find a good photo (he doesn’t make much of an appearance in the films) but yes, Charlie Weasley. I mean, he works with dragons… enough said.


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