Good Comes in Evil Shaped Packages

(aka Harry Potter Challenge Day 8: What is your favourite lesson?) This was almost the easiest question to answer so far (some of the others were really, really, really hard). Here is my favourite lesson:

Screen Shot 2015-08-09 at 22.14.57

Well, okay, it’s actually two lessons. The first being, sometimes good comes in evil shaped packages. If you know what I mean? Like, the person or thing seems evil but isn’t. Yeah, I’m trying not to spoil anyone here. Secondly, hold on whilst I fangirl a little…. Snape’s love for Lilly is a lesson in itself. I mean, it makes him keep Harry alive and actually come to love him in a way despite wanting to hate him because of his father… I just really love his determination and loyalty and the depth of his love makes me want to cry. There needs to be more love stories as powerful as Severus Snape’s.


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