I am Away!!!!!!!

So,  I am very behind in my posts. I have a top ten tuesday drafted and not posted (and not finished), multiple incomplete Harry Potter Challenges, a part-finished book review and plenty more that I need to do and haven’t. I’m sorry. I went back to school on Wednesday and was at a friends Sunday and Monday and I spent Tuesday cleaning so  I have had literally no time to do anything. I mean, I was doing homework until 8.30 pm today and 10pm yesterday. That being said, I am keeping on top of my homework extremely well so far, so when there is a slight lull in the handing out, I will have more time. I will try to post once tomorrow as it is Friday and twice each on Saturday and Sunday to make up for it but I’m making no concrete promises right now. I’m still settling into a routine but eventually I will be back on the playing field and posting regularly again.

Once again, sorry.

Rogan x

P.S. If anyone saw leannaatc’s (Short Story Long) 3 Days, 3 Quotes challenge and saw that she said Keira @Signing On, it’s not a different person, Keira is my real name, which I have said before in a post but I don’t use it regularly so you might not’ve known.


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