Room by Emma Donoghue and the Overwhelming Sense of No More Manbooker

So, whilst in England visiting my grandparents I bought Room by Emma Donoghue for £1.99 secondhand. It was shortlisted for the Manbooker Award and sounded interesting on the back but I hated it. I got about 50 pages into the book before giving it to my grandmother to put in the book donation/swap thing she runs at her charity/church cafe.

There were numerous things I did not like about this book- some of the relations and interactions between the little Boy and his Ma as well as some unneccesary vulgar moments and a heavy overlay of Christianity. Now, I have nothing against Christianity, in fact, my grandmother is very involved in her church and some of my best friends are heavily religious (albeit progressive rather than traditional for the most part) but I am personally agnostic and I don’t believe in God or Heaven or any other such things. I also don’t like when adults use these religious symbols as explanation of life, whether or not it is to help tone down an otherwise inappropriate situation or not. I also don’t think that religion should replace actual education or be used to avoid awkward conversations and situations. We as humans need to learn to talk about human issues instead of just covering them up, even to the youngest of us (I’m not saying that 5 year olds should know everything, but they deserve a part of the truth). That was my biggest problem with this book.

Now, as to the second half of the title. Life of Pi is another book on my TBR that won the Manbooker award and whilst some people love it, I’m just not motivated to read it and it’s not as if it is a waist of money- it’s my mum’s book. After reading Room which was shortlisted for the award I am even more apprehensive (not because I have a prejudice but my grandfather was saying that the books which win the award have similar topics or themes or styles). I was wondering if you could help me decide whether or not to read Life of Pi? Let me know your thoughts down below. Did you like Room?


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  1. Great honest review! I think i will have to avoid this one. I’m not sure about Life of Pi, it seems to be a sprititual sort of book also? I read The Narrow Road to the Deep North which won the prize and that was truly excellent. Thanks for the post!

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    1. anonymoustallulah says:

      Thank you! Yes, that’s what I’m concerned about. Maybe I’ll give TNRTTDN a go then, see if the reward can redeem itself 🙂

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  2. _giovannard says:

    EEK! I’m not a big fan of religious…Christian based books…To me there is not room for all of that in a great book. I bought Room a few months ago, and I don’t know if I really want to read it anymore. I ended up watching the movie first, and I did like it, but then I just didn’t see the point in reading the book anymore…I got what I was looking for from the movie..Now the fact that is laced with Christianity, has given me the push I needed, to make up my mind. I will not be reading this book. Hopefully I can give the book away or something. :\ Great review!! 😀

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    1. Keira says:

      Thank you! Personally, religion in books is interesting, but only done tastefully with the right amount of modern-day openness and transparency and only if it is done as well as important conversations and not instead of. I’m glad I could help you make a decision!

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