So this is my first post with an update that is important information for this blog and this is a long and descriptive title and now it’s more like an intro oh well


I’m really, really bad at keeping a diary. Or a blog. I just get frustrated, or I forget or I worry about what people will think if they find it… so this won’t be everything that I’m thinking about. But it won’t be anything I’m not thinking about. I hope that’s okay. On the same note, this blog will also be anonymous. So, from now on, you can call me Rogan. For that is who I am. As well as this, I would also like to ask that you use a pseudonym when commenting or contacting me, for privacy sake. Also, I will not name people by their real names. THEY WILL BE MADE UP PSEUDONYMS.

Please, do, however, feel free to be completely honest. And if you have a problem and need someone to speak to, I AM HERE FOR YOU. I will be happy to help!

Now, as to what this blog will be. It will be my thoughts, my feelings, things that happen to me. It will be rants and, also, it will be full of books. I’m a huge reader and there will definitely be a lot of that making an appearance.

Now that all that needs to be said has been said I want to wish you a wonderful day, night, life and I hope you enjoy watching my life go by.


-Signing off, Rogan.



In review, the measures I have taken here are too extreme. I will still be going by Rogan but for reference sake, my real name is Keira. I will still not be posting pictures of my face at this point in time though. You are free to contact me with your real name should you chose, you are also not obliged to in any way and you are also not obliged to inform me either way. However, what I said before still holds true- feel free to be honest and no matter what you want to talk to me about, whether it be a book you need to rant to someone about or a personal issue I am happy to help in any way I can.


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