Enviromental Issues

My dad doesn’t like me buying lots of physical books. Why? Not because of the money, although he has asked me to calm down a little bit and not spend 100 to 200 euros a month, but because of the environmental impact of all the paper. Now, I consider myself a reasonably responsible person and I like to do my part in stopping ourselves from killing this world but I also really love books. Like a lot. And I love having physical books. In addition to this we also move a lot and books take up a lot of space that we have to pay for in the lorry if we go over what the company pays for. It is sad and I won’t stop buying physical books but I am trying to cut back a little bit. Besides, I do still like my Kindle, I just like physical books too. Also, I try to look out for the little FSC recycled paper mark on the back of books too!

What do you think about this topic?

-Rogan x

P.S. I’m pretty sure this counts as a #Readerproblem.


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  1. blaqaffairs says:

    I have a lot of soft copy books but nothing beats holding a physical book. No matter how much ebooks I get, I’ll never stop buying paperbacks. I just can’t.

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    1. anonymoustallulah says:

      I am totally the same way!!!! Agree 100%

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      1. blaqaffairs says:

        Just great! A kindred spirit.

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