New Release: Surrender by Quinn Loftis

Well, I only have one book to talk to you about this week but I am so excited for it. Unfortunately, as it is the third book in a series I am not going to give you a synopsis of the book but I will show you the one for the first book and I will give a brief explanation of what the series is about.

Surrender by Quinn Loftis

Elfin Book 3

Book 1: Elfin

Book 2: Rapture

The Elfin series is a YA fantasy series. I would give the first two books 5 stars each. I would also like to mention that the first book does not have a lot of action it is more about trust, some world-building and the development of relationships and then the second book has a lot more action. I would also like to say that Quinn Loftis is entirely self-published and so her writing and editing get better with each book she writes.

Synopsis of Elfin:

On second thoughts, the synopsis would give far too much away. Just go into the series knowing that it is about the relationship between light and dark elves, a human Cassie and her friend, Elora. Oh, and her family too. In fact, there is a really good family element to this series.

The expected date of publication for this book is September 15th 2015. I plan on pre-ordering it along with Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas.


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