Book Review: Second Chance Summer by Morgan Matson

Welcome back to another review! I finished this book today so let’s go!!!!!

Second Chance Summer by Morgan Matson

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This is a YA contemporary about second chances, hope, facing your problems and family. As you may know if you have read some of my other reviews, I often get quite annoyed at some of the people who are reviewing the books on goodreads. This time, I am happy to announce, the majority of people reached the same consensus as I did- loved it and cried profusely. I mean seriously, how could you not cry- just saying.

Second Chance Summer is about a girl named Taylor Edwards who goes and spends the summer at her family’s beach house in the Pocono Mountains after her father is diagnosed with stage four cancer and is told he has four months left to live at the maximum. On top of the tragedy of her fathers illness, the last time Taylor was at the beach house she left unexpectedly, breaking hearts and wounding herself and others. And they, and she, still haven’t forgotten it. This is a story about mending broken relationships, kindling lost love and learning what it means to be alive.

“A thousand moments that I had just taken for granted- mostly because I had assumed that there would be a thousand more.”

There was so much I loved about this book. From the interesting characters, to the beautiful wording, the gorgeously phrased quotes and witty narrative there was so much to adore. But one thing that really stood out to me was that the book explored all aspects of a teenage girls life. They didn’t just focus on romance, or just on family, or school, they focused on the friendships, the animals, their conversations with the waitress, and, of course, the aforementioned things as well, but what I’m trying to say is that the book didn’t belittle or simplify teenagers it supported them and made the characters realistic and relatable and interesting.

“But one thing that I was learning about what happened when you stuck around—it usually seemed that other people were willing to stick by you as well.”

There was, however, one small thing that I did not like about this book. The very beginning. It was a bit disjointed. Now, hold on, let me explain myself. The ‘running away’ thing in the beginning had me a little confused. I thought that she was actually running away but it turned out she wasn’t? And wouldn’t that have caused her parents to be a little bit stricter during the summer about her curfew than they were? Basically, what I am trying to say is that the very first 10 pages of the book or so need some revision to help them fit more with the rest of the book. They were good but could have been better.

Overall, this book was gorgeous and I cried. A lot. And laughed/smiled in almost equal proportion.

“You said you didn’t want to waste your time on people who aren’t going to matter,” I said, and he nodded. “But how do you know they’re not going to matter? Unless you give it a shot?”

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To see reviews for this book or to buy, click here. (£4.00 or US $ 6.24)

To see reviews for this book or to buy, click here. (US $6.23 or £3.99)


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