And I’m Back!

Hello all! You may have noticed (or not) that there is no post for Wednesday or Thursday of this past week. I do have a reason- I didn’t have time to pre-make them before I went on holiday and my Wi-fi at the resort I was staying at was dodgy to put it lightly! But no matter! Today, the 11th of June, a Saturday, as, once again, I have no questions to answer, I will be posting instead my Woeful Wednesday and Thermic Thursday posts (aka a book review and a debate)!!!! Also, in celebration of returning from holiday safely (a little bit burnt, but otherwise healthy) I will be giving you a book tag (you’ll get another one on Tuesday, too)! So, keep an eye out for those and let me know what you think about them when I post them. Remember, if there is a tag or topic you want to see me do, just leave me a comment on any of my posts or email me (see contact page for more details) and let me know what it is and how to do it. Also, unless you don’t want me to mention you in my post, tell me your name and if you have a blog give me a link!

Signing off,

Rogan x

Due to a change in my posting schedule (check the posting schedule page for more information) you will not be getting a debate as  it is no longer part of my posting roster. However, if there is a topic you would like to see my debate, let me know and I will do one for you as one of my Saturday ‘Request’ or ‘Random’ posts. Details on how to contact me are as above.


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