Debate: Ebook vs. Physical Book

Hello everyone! Welcome to the first ever Thermic Thursday! Every Thursday I will be giving to you….. a debate! Today’s topic is….

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First of all, let’s talk about the different kind of eBooks and physical books. (DISCLAIMER!!!! THERE ARE MORE TYPES- THESE ARE THE ONES I HAVE/DO USE!!!!) You have kindles and computers and iPhones and iPads. But then you also have paper-white Kindles, Touch Kindles and Kindle Fires with a back lit screen. For the purpose of this post (and indeed in real life, most of the time) it will be the regular Kindle Touch- no paper-white, no built in light and no back lit screens. And for physical books we will be using paperbacks because hardbacks are not as nice.

Point 1: Aesthetics

Ebook: Well, you can get really nice covers. And sure, the design can be quite sleek but there is no variety- I mean, sure, you can have the covers on the screen but they are small and black and grey so it’s not the same at all.

Physical Book: Some covers can be really nasty but a lot of them are gorgeous. And every single one of them is different! Also, physical books have a wide range of feelings, of textures and the smell- let us just take a minute to thank whatever made books smell the way they do because it’s just the best thing ever.

Who wins? Physical Book– hands done.

Point 2: Convenience

Ebook: You can take it to the pool or the beach and small drips of water or sand won’t do anything to it. You can eat over it without getting crumbs stuck between tables and if it gets sticky you can just wipe that off. You can hold it with one hand and do other things, you can lie on your side to read without having to readjust every two seconds and it doesn’t matter if you forget your bookmark because guess what? It bookmarks the page for you- you don’t even have to go out of the book if you don’t want to. The only bad thing is when you run out of battery. Then you can’t read anything. Also, you can put hundreds and thousands of books into one small device which is especially good if you’re a university student, go to a boarding school or if you move a lot and have to pay for all of your things to be loaded on to trucks. In addition, you can read books you would otherwise not want to read in public (because of content or the cover) without anyone knowing.

Physical Book: They never run out of battery. They don’t need battery.

Who wins? I think that’s clear….

(eBook if you didn’t already guess)

Point 3: Readability (as in, the pleasure of reading them)

eBooks: Um…. the stories are good. They’re the same as with the physical books. Also, no one can come up to you and spoil the ending of the book for you (unless they ask what book you’re reading and you tell them of course). Also, unless you look up the amount of pages in a book there is no risk of getting intimidated by the size of a book.

Physical Books: You can see your progress as more than a number and the pleasure of turning pages or closing the book and just sitting there thinking about the book is glorious. I also always seem to take a book more seriously when it is in a physical form because I’m like ‘people have looked at this and made this into a quality piece of art so the insides are probably going to be good’ (we all do it. do not lie to yourself. I’m not saying this is always the case but still)

And the winner is…. Physical Book (although, half point to eBooks because spoilers are a big deal!

Point 4: TBR (as in, actually getting to read the books)

eBook: I never seem to get to them as quickly or pick them up unless I assign them as my TBR or I’m really, really anticipating a book. They just aren’t in my face so I tend to skim over them (which is one of the reasons I still haven’t read Paper Towns).

Physical Book: They’re on my shelf, I see them. Therefore I am more motivated to read them. Also I can stack them up and view just how much I’ve read which I can’t do with eBooks because they’re all one thing with a set size.

Physical Books win again.

Point 5: Availability (buying them)

eBook: Generally speaking, eBook forms of books come out at the same time as the hardcovers. Sometimes before them. Also, you don’t have to wait for a book to come- it just arrives. It takes like five seconds.

Physical Book: (talking about paperbacks!) They come out later than hardbacks and you still have to wait for them in the post.

Winner: eBooks

Physical Books win with 3 points to eBooks with 2.5 but I think we can all agree that it depends on the situation!

Hope you enjoyed this! If you have any other topics you would like me to talk about leave me a comment!


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