Parcels. And Amazon.

Hello again! Today, I’m here for a rant. But don’t worry- it has a happy ending (I hope)!

So, last Monday I ordered a parcel from (yes, I live in Europe). It said it ‘left the logistics centre’ the day after I ordered it- good. Then, the first part came on the Wednesday- two days before it was supposed to arrive and three days before it was supposed to be available. I was very, very happy. The other part of the order hadn’t made any progress at all. Since Tuesday (this is me talking from like Sunday night). So I was going to get a refund on the order and just buy the books (yes, I was buying books 🙂 ) from the UK Amazon site. He had a look at the tracking package page thing and it suddenly updated and said it is ‘going to arrive between 12:00 and 3:00pm tomorrow. So yeah, it didn’t do anything for a week and then it decided to suddenly zoom through time. Oh well, at least it will be here soon! I’ll post a little update here when it does arrive!

I also purchased a few ebooks yesterday and two other actual books which should be coming on Thursday or Friday, so I will be posting my June Book Haul then! And you can expect a June wrap-up tomorrow- because, guess what…..


Have a great day (although I’ll probably talk to you again today) and let me know by commenting if you’ve had any parcel-disasters!


P.S. I guess this is #Readerproblems problem 2!!!!


It arrived! And apart from a few cover changes I am very, very happy!


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