Library Books: The Four Reasons I Don’t Like Libraries

Welcome to another #ReaderProblems post! This is inspired by my previous post- ‘Library Books for Summer Holidays 2015’. So thank you, earlier-today-me!

Reason 1:

The sound of the protective cover-thingy. You know how they put that clear plastic thing over the cover to protect it? Yeah, I hate the texture, the look, the feel and most of all the sound of that thing. I love that the classics don’t have them in my library!!!!

Reason 2:

Unless I am really anticipating a book, I have to force myself to read the books and not just take them back unread. I have so many other books I want to read as well and I can’t just ‘take those back’. I just don’t have as much motivation for reading library books.

Reason 3:

They are always hardback. Except for the classics in my library, again yay! I don’t typically mind hardbacks but unless they are smaller than the normal ones I find them too large for my hands (my hands are tiny). They’re just not comfortable to hold.

Reason 4:

There’s a time limit. I don’t like being rushed which is one of the reasons I often end up hating books that I have to read for school- not always, but sometimes. I am a huge mood reader (although I do commit to a TBR but I always make sure it holds a great variety) and I don’t like only having 3 weeks to read a book…. because that means that unless it is at the end of the month I a) might not want to read it but also b) It won’t be on my TBR and I won’t necessarily get to read all of the books that I committed to reading!

And that’s about it! Do you like libraries? The librarians at my library (not all of them, just some) aren’t particularly nice. I often end up taking back half of the books I check out. What about you?


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  1. marianicho says:

    I love libraries & could spend hours browsing and choosing my books. I renew any books I want to keep for longer online – the library email me to remind when they are due. As a child our family was not well off and I had few books of my own. However, the library afforded me a wealth of books that helped foster my love of reading – a lifelong pleasure. Long live libraries! 😊

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    1. anonymoustallulah says:

      Yes, I do see what you mean. I always get my classics from the library because they don’t have the covers, are small and also because I will likely never read them. I like browsing libraries but as I don’t live in an English speaking country and I move around a lot the only libraries I get to use are the school ones and they don’t have the old, cozy feeling that I need to enjoy libraries. And I have to take the books to school with me along with kilos of other things and get them renewed manually because I cannot do it online.


      1. marianicho says:

        Oh, sounds like it’s a lot easier for me to enjoy the library than it is for you! Still, you are using them and so will help to keep them going which has to be good


        1. anonymoustallulah says:

          Yep! It would be such a shame if Libraries went extinct…


    2. anonymoustallulah says:

      Also, thank you for being my first ever comment!


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