Audiobooks? Yes Please!

So, if you’re anything like me you may have experienced the problem of struggling to get through an exceedingly long book, or being far too tired, or just really hating a classic but knowing you have to get through it. Well, I personally have found an answer- audiobooks!!! Currently I am halfway through listening to The Divine Comedy by Dante (Inferno, Purgatorio and Paradiso) and I definitely couldn’t have brought myself to read it. But I also don’t want to pay for classics which I might not even enjoy? Did you know that you can get audiobooks of books in the public domain (outside of copyright- so classics) for free? I found a site which lets you download the audiobooks as iTunes podcasts! It’s great. Some of the readers are annoying (it’s not the same person voicing the whole thing but it’s free so that’s okay! I definitely recommend it:

Hope it serves you well!


P.S. This would also count as #Readerproblems problem 3! (Struggling to get through books due to subject matter, tiredness or length.)


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